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The Journey of the Courier Service from Past to Present

Traditionally delivery services were very much inconvenient and expensive. On the other hand carrying extra luggage and heavy loads from one country to another was very much restricted. In the past, people struggled to get their parcels to their loved ones as it was both costly and risky. Parcels were known to go missing, be labelled as undeliverables and get returned to the sender, or simply take an incredibly long time to reach the recipient.In fact we have discussed some interesting facts about courier service in the past in this post.

Sending a parcel also used to risk it being mishandled and damaged and often people receiving the package would be disappointed with a broken item at the end of a long waiting period.At that time, choosing a reliable courier service meant you would have to pay large amounts of money to ensure a timely delivery. Courier services have always been able to take care of packages better than the traditional postal services, but there were also several boundaries and restrictions like area and country.

As time moved on, courier services became more savvy and technologically sound. Nowadays it is very rare to find a service that withholds a parcel or doesn’t deliver on time. Now the consumers are not only going to choose how, when and where they receive their parcel, in addition delivery channels are many and varied.

According to the needs of the increasingly global world, now there are more and more courier service companies competing with each other to bring us better service. Nowadays anyone can register a parcel to be delivered using their laptop or phone.

In the past people needed to follow certain rules and produce their specific identification for accepting the parcel, but now delivery companies make it much easier, giving the option to give them authority to leave the package, letting the recipient know when it has been delivered.While the traditional shipment method is very time consuming, the professional courier companies offer reliable different shipping methods such as normal delivery, express and same day delivery that is much more convenient.

Traditional shipping services were unable to locate the exact place of the delivery vehicle and therefore there would be times when the package was not tracked, but now technologically sound courier services can easily trace through computers latest technologies in order to help the clients in receiving their delivery quickly.

Possibly the most important thing to consider is the price, as now courier services aren’t as expensive as they used to be. In the past there were additional fees charged for overweight, large or awkward items. But now professional courier services are charging flat rate, making it easier for everyone to ship what they need to all over the world.Now courier services are here to help you get your products to the desired destination in a timely, professional, safe and affordable manner.

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