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Oil Shipping Companies Strategic To Maritime Activity

The pulse of a nation’s economy lies with its regular and controlled maritime activity. Trade and commerce via sea routes have provided benefits to millions of people worldwide. The transportation handled by oil shipping companies account for nearly 70% of trading activity via seaports. Natural resources derived from West Africa have shown that such companies are the main catalyst for the development of the economy in the region. Cargo operations by sea and airports require the best and experienced brains. All marine logistics handlers need onshore and offshore expertise that is the mainstay of such firms. Then only can they be the chief driver of a rising economy.

Requirement of supply chain solutions

Domestic companies that cater to the natural wealth of oil, and gas need the networking of supply chain solutions. It is this web that sustains the overall business of inbound and outbound cargo from the ports. All shipping lanes need proper supply chains for cargo to move from port to port. A proper chain ensures economic handling of logistics. With the sea piracy as a constant threat, most oil shipping companies need water tight methods to move.

Maximizing the potential of sea trade

The domestic oil shipping companies offer huge benefits to locals and rake in economic benefits to the country. Commercial firms have now taken advantage of the large coastline of Nigeria and its navigable waterways. As a country that produces crude oil, it is placed 6th on the world sea ladder. Obviously, its oil wealth is considered important to the rest of the world. The local companies offer crucial equipment that includes:

  • Platform supply vessels
  • Tugboats and barges
  • Crew and construction vessels

Along with foreign traders shipping into the country, local companies dealing in various sub sectors of oil and gas are part of the global shipping market. A few companies have human resources and infrastructure that form the backbone of the entire industry. It ensures that the country is linked to the outside world.

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